Camelia Letterpress Invitations

Camelia Letterpress Invitations

The Camelia invitation suite features a two-color letterpress ink design and is pictured with envelopes that match one of the ink colors. The artwork is a floral pattern, and the text is presented in two fonts to create visual interest while still conveying the important details of your wedding day clearly. The paper shown in the picture is a soft cotton letterpress stock that allows for a deep impression from the letterpress form. Your guests will enjoy opening this invitation suite and running their fingers over the textures created by the letterpress process.

All of our Percolator Letterpress designs are customizable, and you can order the set as shown or just the invitation, invitation and RSVP, etc. Additionally, you can add as many cards as you like. Invitation envelopes are available with or without inserts, and all envelopes come in a variety of colors. We offer addressing on all of our invitation suites and also can assemble, seal, and mail your invitations.

Also, all of our wedding invitations are available on single and double thick cotton letterpress papers. We can print on colored papers, as well. Click here to get a quote!

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