Percolator Letterpress Co. meets Clawhammer Letterpress in Canada

August 15, 2014

Percolator Letterpress Co.  meets Clawhammer Letterpress in Canada

We  got out of Austin for a couple of weeks and headed to northwestern Montana.   While we were there, Alisa thought it would be a fun idea to look around for letterpress people in the area.  She found Clawhammer Letterpress up in Fernie, B.C., so we took a road trip up into Canada from our cabin in Montana and met Michael Hepher, the owner.  Michael has a beautiful shop running three presses where he does a lot of work with handset type. Getting a chance to talk with another letterpress owner was a lot of fun and it is great to have some new neighbors to the north! Austin_Wedding_Invitations_Letterpress_CH4 Here's Sammy in front of the old Train Depot in Fernie, BC.  Michael invited us to an art opening featuring work by local artists. Austin_Wedding_Invitations_Letterpress_CH3Check out Michael's type cases and letterpress tools.  What a cool shop! Austin_Wedding_Invitations_Letterpress_CH2Beautiful linoleum cuts, which he incorporates into letterpress posters and commercial projects. Austin_Wedding_Invitations_Letterpress_CH1Close up of Michael's type drawers.